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 I think the best way to describe my business (what it is and all I want for it to be) is to explain how it all started. It was 100% organically created. If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would A- own a business at all B- that said business would be an online consignment shop or C- that it would be as successful as it is (HUGE thanks to my AMAZING customers and clients), I would have told you that you were crazy. We moved to Northern VA from South Carolina (Charleston) 8 years ago (explains my southern slang/verbage) and we were SHOCKED at the cost of living. We worried and wondered how we would survive as my husband was just beginning his career. I continued my work as a legal assistant working for a law firm in Fairfax. The commute was 18 miles door to door and some days took as long as 2 hours. After 10 months working and dreading the daily commute; trying to coordinate schedules with a husband who worked long hours and our (at the time) 9 year old being invited to play on his first travel baseball team, I decided I needed to be home and be with my boys. A one-income household was not going to work for our family at the time, so I found ways to supplement our income by babysitting, having frequent garage sales and selling items on craigslist or ebay. I have been diagnosed with OCD and I am a true perfectionist. All of the items I was selling that were no longer needed were still in PERFECT brand new condition- almost identical to the way they were when I had purchased them, yet I was selling them for about 10% what I had paid. While it irritated me, I realized they were of no use to me anyway- sure I could save them for 10 years until I had a grandchild (God willing- just not for a few more years ☺) or hang on to it, "in case" I might need it again. Being a minimalist and hating clutter, I choose to just get rid of it and appreciated whatever amount I got for it. About 5 years ago, I discovered all the Facebook yard sale sites. After researching and comparing, I realized I could sell all of these same items for double or triple what I was making at a yard sale or consignment shop. I quickly gained a following and people continued to buy from me because of the condition of my items. These same people shared their frustrations with wanting to sell their own items, but not having the time or patience to try, or not having luck when they did attempt it. Eventually, a customer (turned friend) asked if I wanted to try and sell her items. I was absolutely NOT interested. I didn't want to ruin the reputation I had by selling items that were perhaps not in as good of condition as mine (no offense by any means). For many reasons I just did not see it working. My way had worked for ME- I was OK with MY items that were brand new selling for next to nothing. My “customers” got used to the condition/prices of items I posted. If I sold for someone else who didn’t like the way I priced items- conflict would be inevitable. Again, I wasn’t interested. About 3 years ago my husband spent a year overseas and I found myself at home with not much to do while my boys were in school, so I decided I would give this whole "selling for others" a try. I reached out to the same friend who had initially asked me to help her and could not believe how many NEW items she had that she just never used or forgot about etc. She was fine with whatever I priced the items at. She had purchased many items from me too so she benefited from my low pricing when buying. Hmm.....maybe I was on to something. After several months posting on the local community sites and becoming an annoyance to other sellers (for having so many posted items), I decided to create my own Facebook group. Ironically it was Thanksgiving Day 2015 when I created the group. One thing led to another and here we are 3 years later, full blown LLC business website and all and SUCCESS I could never have imagined. My mind is still blown over it all. To say I am thankful and blessed is an understatement. As with any new/expanding business there have been many ups and downs during these first few years. I’m not going to lie, there were several times I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. Then I would sit and think about how far I’d come, how many people who were at one time simply a customer or client (or both) are now some of my very best friends and ultimately how many people benefit in one way or another from MY business. It is because of the constant support and encouragement I am shown that I will always put 110% into this business. I am truly in awe of it all, prouder than heck of it and so happy for the service I am able to provide.  

The service I provide.

 For my customers- providing an online shopping experience unlike any other. I have an extensive inventory and you are able to shop a variety of items in once place. There are very few items I don’t sell. ALL of the items I do sell are brand new; like new or in PERFECT condition (with very little exceptions- less than perfect items listed will always be priced accordingly and condition disclosed) for a fraction of retail price. I offer multiple payment options including Paypal; credit cards; Zelle; and cash. I also DELIVER for FREE locally (Gainesville; Haymarket; Bristow; and most areas of Manassas). Due to the nature of my business license I do not allow pickups at my house. If I do not deliver to your area or you are in need of your items earlier than I am able to deliver, I have a local meeting spot that is safe and convenient. I will ship domestically and charge only the cost of the item and shipping cost (no other service or materials fee).

For my clients- doing all the work necessary to sell your items and make you a little extra money. The philosophy of this business is that making something on items no longer being used or needed is better than having it sit unused and making nothing. Having me sell your items rather than doing it yourself allows you to take advantage of my business/personal reputation as well as large customer base.  

About Me & My Family


I am 39 years old (yikes less than 6 months till I hit 40), mother of 2 boys and wife to the most amazing man (Mike). Mike is responsible for about 90 percent of the business deliveries (although less now that our older son is driving). He does so much for this business while averaging 50+ hours at his own job. I truly couldn’t do this without him. The name really SHOULD be “Sandy and Mike’s Unique Boutique” ☺When not working (which isn’t often- its easy to WANT to work when you love what you do), I am often at one of my boys sporting events. Braeden (16 years old) plays high-school and competitive travel baseball. Mikey (11) plays basketball. My happy place is in the sun at the pool or beach with a good book. Our 10 month old yellow lab Spalding (female- Mikey named her) has stolen my heart and is my sidekick every day while working. She apologizes in advance if she gets a little excited and jumps (or pees) when she meets you. If I meet across the street from my house, she often comes along and LOVES the attention. More than anything else in my life, God is my forefront. He is singlehandedly responsible for everything good in my life including this incredible business.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and for your continued cooperation, support and business. This business, that at one time I never wanted to even attempt, has become a dream come true. It is because of all of you that it has become what it has.

**Please be patient as I learn to navigate running the business on this website as opposed to Facebook. It will take some time to work thru the kinks. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. Although it may be confusing at first, I believe things will run much smoother via website.

**If you are a new customer or client and would like more information on buying or selling with my business please feel free to email me at sandysuniqueboutique18@gmail.com or visit the "Rules" tab. 

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