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Terms of Selling with Sandy’s Unique Boutique, LLC

(Updated May 2018)


Sandy’s Unique Boutique, LLC is designed to be very easy for you, the client. You provide me the items you would like me to sell for you, and I do all the work necessary to ensure as many items as possible sell. Earnings are divided 50/50 between you and my business. I keep a log of each client’s items as I post them, and as they are sold, I record how much they sold for. Once all of your items have sold, or after the conclusion of a 1-week sale period (whichever comes first), I pay you 50% of the earnings and provide a Payout Summary with a detailed breakdown of the items sold and amount they sold for. 

In order to ensure a satisfactory experience for all of my clients and customers, it is essential that the Terms of Selling with Sandy’s Unique Boutique, LLC are read, understood, and agreed upon prior to any future transactions.

Please download the document ABOVE.